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IAM Group Limited (Ltd.) is a self funded, non-profit association of middle managers worldwide working in business. We are committed to helping you  and all our contributors and members worldwide for your experiences at work.


The International Association of Managers (IAM) Group Ltd welcomes middle managers group all over the world to share experiences of success, failures, suggestions, and the like for everybody to grow in the business.  We are delighted to accept you in our group.  We welcome pictures, images, and stories of actual experience in your work.

Be part for the change.  With our unique style of discoveries, workaround, to keep the business operational, would be our please to share with our Manager’s Group.

We are a self funded non-profit group based in Singapore but want to grow membership world wide initially in Southeast Asia.

We have contributors from all over the world from  Singapore to BK, Thailand, Yokohama, Japan  and many more countries.  Join us now


We started in Singapore to Bangkok,Thailand, then Yokohama, Japan.  Fee free to join us as valued member or partner!