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The end of the year is fast approaching and we need to look back for our life how we became from the moment we opened our eyes and see our mother who risked her own life in giving birth to us. They said when a mother is giving birth, half of her life in on the other side already. Lucky are those who were born with responsible parents. I feel sadness for those whose parents are not ready to rear a child and yet it happened, due to young age, or just an irresponsible act.

Caring for children is so far the most successful experience one can have because it is most often associated with healthful child development that one whose first time experience will eventually apply via love to her own baby. Those who have bad experiences with mother or father sometimes are those who would like to give best to their own children. But sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. There was one time a child who witnessed cruelty of father to his mother and swear that he will not his own wife when he gets married. However, decades passed, and this young child who got finally grown to be a father, did the same bad thing to his own wife. Children’s eyes should be taken with utmost responsibility. In my experience, it would be best only to show the good in their eyes.

If possible, hide the negative things and experiences of life in order for them not to witness and serve it as an option when that child is experiencing an actual difficulty in his own life. This is just for my observation. But different child have different strength. Some at young age who are strong goes weak when they get older. Some will find them as successful as they get old. Life’s experiences hits everywhere. When an unconditional love of a mother has been bestowed to a child of a young heart, soul, and mind, there is a big chance that this child will grow strong and loving to parents. Parents although will not depend on such kindness and love to child alone. It is also a big impact for children who are in negative or positive peers or what we call circle of friends.

Although environment has effects on the child, it is also at the end of the day, the attitude of that person will and should win the game. Some parents who are good ended with a child problem or what the society calls it as black sheep. Some are lucky as if they have an Angel at home. This child takes all the medals and awards any achievable career out there at home.

Such parents are lucky. One thing I know if your parents are good in taking care of their own parents, showing kindness and love, it surely followed by their own child when the mother and the fathers needs utmost care. For those who have a child angel would see how the child will become. I saw a family who went into life’s troubles and yet they have children who grew smart, strong, and very successful. Some have not only one, not two, but 3 properties in just 2 decades of hard work. Meaning each money gathered from work went into savings.

Some has difficulties in saving. One will be called one day millionaire. But others who were taught on how to save for the rainy days, learned their lesson well and can manage their money very well. This child because very successful and not only that. This child became business owner and a member of IAM Group Limited from Japan as he saw the greatness of sharing success of one’s life and the ability to give back by enlightening others that anyone can be the best version of one’s self through hardwork. He is now was able to give his parents brand new car and the property that was given to him he gave it back to his parents as he said, he is thankful for all the kindness his parents gave, and it is not good to take too much kindness, and he promised to himself that now that his pocket is so full, it is time to give back to his parents and to those who helped him when he started his life out of nothing. He is a member of the IAM Group Limited. The International Association of Managers (IAM) Group Ltd welcomes middle managers group all over the world to share experiences of success, failures, suggestions, and the like for everybody to grow in the business. Anybody can join IAM Group.

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