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“A Frugal Lifestyle”  The Tsunami Reality from IAM Group Limited Business


What makes a man poor?  Why bad things happen whenever a person will try doing good and yet he still ends being poor?  Is it all because of birth right?  Is it all because of having poor parents? Lack of education? Lack of funds? Why success is not long term with others?  Why we found ourselves worrying our life almost everyday?  Please continue reading below, to find real answers that IAM Group Limited will help everybody to have that strong rain coat during storms of life’s ‘Tsunami’:

People are careless of life’s learning.  Sometimes their attitude change when their pockets are full.  They learn to talk simply when pocket is empty, they learn to speak careless words when their pockets are full.  In turn, success will only be temporary.  One morning, everything is gone.

A wise man will learn to speak simply and work vigorously without any boast.  Without nobody noticing and his work will be the one echoing.

This should be one of the key for a man’s success.  Let your work speak of you.

Nikko came from a humble beginning.  A poor family as he exactly speaks of it.  Today, his callous hands are no longer visible, as he has more than a hundred people working in his farm land.  Nikko owns and produces his own farm.

Nikko worked before, starting as an office janitor, with only a dollar in his pocket, he learned to live life simply, day working and night studying a degree, until he was able to sustain his own dream. A big farm.

He planned his life 10 years ahead, and never missed an opportunity to save and focus on his dream.

What he did is he believed what hard work and clean living can make a short cut to bumps on the road of life.  He now produces his own food, his electricity is from a wind mill, built own homestead and focused on a frugal life style.

His father’s strength is his source, as he was often reminded that success will be stable when someone has a good soul.  His father always reminds him of preparing tomorrow of today.

The lifestyle of many people if not closely monitored will just end them nothing. How can someone have a good start?  Just continue to reading the real life blogs in IAM Group Limitedwebsite, and more fresh inputs will be coming in.  One should be interested in building own’s business and does not work to be an employee long term.  Please join our community in IAM Group Limited for more updates on how to be successful, at the same time making life fulfilling.  Life is becoming more complicated and difficult.  Prices of commodities keep on soaring.  If one enjoys country living, then farming is the key to sustain one’s life. We usually tends to look for a quick decision, but sometimes, it is best to have more than one business, a short and long term solution.  Better starts today, and asked one’s self what direction we wanted our life to tackle, find that ‘comfort zone’.  With it, no amount of time will be wasted, because it is what you believe is the best version of yourself when you do these adventures in business, trust your instinct, above all, get the best people who can help your business grow. Live and deal with honestly, the only ingredient for stable and long deals in any business.  Believe in your product, and above all, ‘do it and make it happen’.

It is hard work and patience, results would be worth working for.  IAM Group Limited provides boost in your management’s career. It is never too late for a change.  Do what you are good at, and do it with honesty, humbleness and dedication.  Take care of your employees in the end these employees will produce output with passion and productivity. Business is all about teamwork.  Giving jobs and love of work is the key for a self-sustaining business long term.

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