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Acidic Staff.” | A Deadly Virus by IAm Group Limited Managers
Acidic Staff.” | A Deadly Virus by IAm Group Limited Managers

Negative self-centered people erode morale from obvious reasons that they are there but never exists, eventually can do an amount of damage long term.

Pretty good in their jobs but like a virus running in every line of registry in the operating system that controls the booting.  This kind of alarming attitude puts danger to the goal sets forth by the management from the very foundation of core ideas that would provide strong rapport with very member, the key to success of the whole picture, in other words, be over the top. Such behavior eventually if not resolved in time, is like a cancer in the group.  Their acidic personality takes away team’s common goal of completion that everyone shares ‘responsibility’. How do you identify these negative chemical personalities that bites each goals.

Who are they:

  • Talk behind co-workers’ backs.
  • Undermine supervisor’s authority.
  • Never ending flow of criticism.
  • Hides within his own skin.
  • Cannot look straight in the eye that he is ranting.
  • Carries own agenda.

These negative should not be tolerated.  A tough conversation  in a professional way must be addressed, with an attitude of openness to find a solution, speak the word ‘WE’ to make sure that there is no selfishness in the conversation,  be results oriented, be honest about concerns, point the awkwardness, present the positive effects should things be addressed, straight to the point, learn to listen, and never if possible avoid the word ‘YOU’.   These conversations should be reviewed very well prior to its presentation to the employee with a bad attitude. But without doing so, it will only make things worse.

“Collaboration will always be the key to get things done.”

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